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About Company

Afzal Motors (PVT.) Ltd. is the Exclusive Distributor and Manufacturer of world renowned Commercial Vehicles brands Daewoo, JAC and KING LONG in Pakistan. It was the Confidence of globally acclaimed manufacturers of Daewoo, JAC and KING LONG Commercial Vehicles toward Afzal Motors through Technical Assistance Agreements for assembly of its products in Pakistan that inspired and motivated our team to make this green field project a reality in few months only. The most modern assembly plant equipped with all the latest equipments and machinery is located at main National Highway Karachi, Pakistan has been transformed to a park of technological accumulation from the different corners of the globe. A wide range of Super Structures like Bus Bodies, Dump Trucks, Concrete Transit Mixers, Fuel Bowzers, Truck Mounted Cranes, Troop Carriers, Mobile ATM, Mobile Workshop, Ambulances, Semi Trailers and Specialized Vehicles etc. are also being manufactured under one roof. The product mix being assembled and marketed by Afzal Motors is serving customers ranging from individual users / commercial entrepreneurs to Armed Forces, LEA, Governmental / Semi Governmental and multinational organizations. The process to acquire new technologies and providing to our valued customers will continue in line with changing market demand.
Afzal Motors with over 30 years of experience in distribution and marketing of commercial vehicle stepped forward in 2005 and set up an assembly project for Daewoo trucks and Daewoo buses in Pakistan. In few years time JAC and KING LONG brands were included to cater a wider range of customers in addition to adding more models of Daewoo Trucks and Buses. Afzal Motors always remained customer first choice for buying commercial vehicles and the accumulation of various brands and a variety of Commercial Vehicles was our sincere intention to further strengthen our relations with our valued customers. We had realized that it was our responsibility to supply transport equipments and introduce solutions that could bring our valued customers further close. It was a great responsibility requiring a steady, committed hard work, dedication, and in fact an opportunity for development. AMPL teams has been interviewing transporters and collected in-depth information from all over the country. Based on that ongoing research, we have introduced new generation of Daewoo, JAC and KING LONG Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan. Focusing accurately on anticipating trends and demand and subsequently delivering equipments led our teams in concept conceiving and innovation and supplying the latest technology to our valued customers. What makes the Afzal Motors prominent is its quest for developing better products with highest VALUE for our customers and introduction of Daewoo, JAC and KING LONG Light, Medium and Heavy Duty vehicles is just a leap toward our long term objective.

Daewoo Trucks and Buses

A large number of Daewoo vehicles plying in Korea, Pakistan and many other countries endorse the quality and reliability of Daewoo Brands. The Daewoo name means quality. Daewoo Trucks and Buses incorporate a sample design philosophy:

Give owners a vehicle they can trust.

Daewoo Trucks and Buses attract customer seeking a new standard of maneuverability, comfort, durability and performance. Daewoo customers are choosing the best-built products in the world. Daewoo Tucks and Buses reflect precise, integrated engineering and manufacturing exceptionally low maintenance and dependable performed plus the maneuverability that improves productivity, and the reliability that keeps a business on the move.
The Truck and Bus industry remained stagnant in Pakistan during last two decades and a wide range of customers had limited options of commercial vehicles. Due to the non availability of appropriate heavy duty vehicles in market customers had no choice but to illegally convert medium duty rigid truck to truck tractors. This encouraged the fleet operators for overloading that has severely deteriorated road network resulting in great loss to the national assets. It was keenly felt to introduce a new brand capable to meet customers today’s and future needs of multi axle haulage for domestic and cross border logistics too. The assembly project by the Afzal Motors (Pvt.) Ltd. in fact is to bring the Heavy Commercial Vehicles market from obsolete vehicles to a Technological Era by introducing Global Quality Standards and introduce new benchmark for commercial vehicles.
It was based on that research; we introduced in Pakistan New Generation of Daewoo Trucks, Prime Movers and Dump Trucks in different configurations and Daewoo Luxury, Economic variants for Inter-City, Urban and Corporate customers with Diesel and CNG engines. Daewoo Trucks and Daewoo Buses have been introduced after comprehensive test a trial in toughest operating environments. The market feedback about Daewoo vehicles was excellent and we are confident that our customers would be fully satisfied with the Daewoo products. The process of continuous improvements in our products and services will be our foremost priority.

JAC Trucks and Buses

JAC Motors ranked as No. 1 in Light and Medium Commercial Vehicles in Domestic and Export Market for last 10 consecutive years. JAC is among the top 5 in China auto industry producing light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, MPV, SRV, buses, sedan cars, MPV, SRV and SUV with annual production capacity of more than 700,000 units. JAC has been the country's largest bus chassis producer for 17 consecutive years. JAC is ranked as Fastest Growth Company in China with a wide range of products including LCV, MCV, HCV, MPV, SUV, Cars and engines etc. JAC has 12 overseas KD plants and presence in over 100 countries. JAC vision is “Better Product, Better World” and goal is to “Serve the Global Market, Benefit Mankind”.
Afzal Motors has introduced JAC Light and Medium Trucks and Buses and the specifications have been selected after a comprehensive test & trail of Pakistan market to cater customer’s need of today and tomorrow. It is assured that JAC trucks & buses will meet your standards of quality and performance. JAC products have achieved customer’s confidence for its Superior Quality, Durability and more important ant Dependability.

King Long Vans

Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (brand as “King Long”) is specialized in the manufacturing and sale of KING LONG vans, buses & coaches. King Long Coach Manufacturing Co., Ltd. King Long is one of the world’s largest bus manufacturers.
KING LONG has been hailed as China “National Vehicle” at home and ranked among “China Top Brand” and “Famous Trademark of China”. KING LONG the lead to land the European market after having exclusively passed the British Commercial Vehicle Certification (VCA). Guided by the concept of walking from China to the world and from popularity to excellence, King Long is marching towards the goal of “ranking among the world top six”.
The introduction of KING LONG VANS in Pakistan with high powered engines and latest technological features is focused to meet Public Transport Scheme’s requirements. The KING LONG VANS are equipped with the latest technical features and specifications keeping in view the Pakistani operating and environmental condition (road & climate) to cater need of today and tomorrow.