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  • DAEWOO Truck “M2TBFC” (4 x 2)

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    Daewoo Truck “M2TBFC”

    Drive 4X2
    Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 20,500KG
    Engine Power (HP)
    Torque (Kg-m)
    Emission Euro-II
    Transmission Speed
    10-Fwd, 2-Rev
    Clutch Size (mm)
    Brake System
    Full Air with ABS

    Salient Features

    • Real Heavy Duty Truck and Prime Movers are most suitable for Multi Axle Haulage
    • High powered low rpm engine with grand Torque for all Terrains
    • Fuel Efficient, Ease of Maintenance and Endurance at Extended Operational Hour.
    • 17 inches (430 mm) Strong Clutch
    • 10 Speed Superior Transmissions with Cooler and Power Shift
    • Wood Paneled, Extra wide, Luxurious Cabin with Multi Suspension
    • Full Air Anti Lock Brake System (ABS)
    • Unparallel Power – Environment Friendly,
    • Maximum Fuel Efficiency-Optimal Profit
    • Ultimate Safety with ABS Braking System
    • European Safety Standard Certified Cabin
    • Stylized Design, Luxurious Space, Sedan like Comfort
    • High Durability, Excellent Stability, Drive Comfort

    Daewoo Trucks with comfortable and functional cabs that drivers can operate effectively with design and construction focused on rigged performance, and the quality and workmanship that meet the International Standard, the highest standard in the world.

    In view of the definite performance and economic advantages of inducting Daewoo vehicles, we look forward to our customers to achieve their patronization. Our team is committed for long term relation with customers that will go a long way to encourage us to continue to offer better transportation solutions in the Pakistan market.