Daewoo Buses

Joint Venture with Daewoo Bus Corporation, Korea

A new milestone was achieved when Afzal Motors-Pakistan and Daewoo Bus Corporation-Korea formed a Joint Venture Company “Daewoo Pak Motors” with equal equity to manufacture high quality Daewoo buses meeting international standards not only for domestic market but export to Middle East and other neighboring countries. Official Site



Daewoo Buses

BF 120L BH 115E BH 116 BH 115E(CNG)
Type of Bus Chassis
Front Engine Rear Engine Rear Engine Rear Engine
Engine Power (hp)
240 300 340 240
Torque (kg-m)
90 115 145 90
Euro-II Euro-II Euro-II Euro-II
Overall Length(mm)
11812 11494 11550 11494
Clutch Size (mm)
380 430 430 380
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)
16500 16500 16500 16500

Salient Features

  • Powerful Euro-II low rpm Engines
  • Biggest Clutch and Strong Transmission
  • Most Fuel Efficient Buses
  • Optimal Fuel Efficiency, Biggest Seating Capacity-More Profitable
  • Luxury, High Speed and Best Gradeabillity
  • Dependable Full Air Brakes.
  • Endurance at Extended Operational Hour.
  • BH116 is equipped with Air Suspension and Kick Up (Monocoquue Chassis)