Role in Indigenization of Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

The indigenization of commercial vehicles in Pakistan started with the local manufacturing of Trucks in 1963. Many entrepreneurs set up Small and Medium Sized manufacturing units, and successfully developed several parts.


Afzal Motors a company with future vision have selected Daewoo, JAC and KING LONG products to meet present and future market requirement. These vehicles are now being produced locally with very high level of deletion. The company’s policy is to localize whatever can be produced at acceptable quality level of deletion at a competitive price.


At Afzal Motors, vendors have been made to change the way they think traditionally. After years of rigorous effort vendors now appreciate that at Afzal Motors, Samples are not accepted unless the die work has been completed and the Inspection Jigs have been manufactured. All supplies are also accompanied with the Inspection Jigs and Acceptance/Rejection decision is taken at the time of receipt of supply. By virtue of such arrangements and strict quality control measures a smooth Production Trial was carried out and the bulk production is also proceeding without any problem. Regular check through surprise audits have also been planned of maintaining the Quality Standards.


Economics and Quality are thus the only two factors which will determine if a part will be procured locally or not. Therefore there will be an adjustment in the parts that the assemblers buy from local sources. All local parts which are proving to be expensive than imported parts or those which are not meeting the quality standards will be reverted back to imports. To compete with the imported parts the inefficiencies present in local vendors will have to be removed. If properly executed this can also trigger the export of parts from Pakistan.


The teams of foreign manufacturer’s Engineers visit Pakistan frequently have always expressed extreme satisfaction with System working at Afzal Motors. Recognizing the Quality Policy of the Company, our Principals have asked Afzal Motors to offer local parts for export.