Quality Policy

While striving hard to develop state of the art products through quality embedded in every process in the organization, we believe that the quality of our corporate activities depends on the distinction of our employees. Moving with the simple philosophy of continuous Training and Retaining and “Developing the people that make the products,” we are actively engaged in human resource development. It is our firm believes that by believing our team our essential assets and skill development will be a notable investment for future dividend to achieve corporate objectives.


Committed with continuous improvement by adopting new skill and technology to achieve competitive advantage would be the life line of our organization. All the efforts have been deployed to ensure team based philosophy instead of solo tasking.


To Lead. To Improve. To be Best – No Matter What



Quality through continuous improvement and innovation is our guiding principle while producing DAEWOO, JAC and KING LONG Commercial Vehicles. Special emphasis was to produce vehicles meeting all internationally accepted, quality, safety and environment standards. Our products will than off course be endorsed by ISO-9001:2000 certification.


We are eyeing new horizons for our products not only in domestic market but export market as well. Therefore latest technology and innovative measures and close coordination with all the stake holders are ensured. To ascertain the locally assembled vehicles meeting international quality norms, a fully computerized system of vehicle inspection and testing is in operation. Axle, Side-slip, Brakes, Speedometer and Headlights testing is carried out and confirmed prior to delivery of vehicles to ensure Reliability of our Product.


Continuous learning is the key to maintain competitive advantage in today’s environment. We have focused a lot on the training of our work force that is an ongoing process. Dozens of engineers and technicians have been trained in Korea in addition to periodic on job training. It is planned that every year a team will get trained from overseas in engineering, marketing, after sales service etc. We are also paying a remarkable attention for the training of dealer’s staff including engineers, mechanics and sales staff in addition training to drivers and fleet operator’s staff.


A new performance-management based system has been implemented which motivate the individual to support the organizational goals. The performance measurement system addresses operations objectives such as quality production, on time delivery, customer satisfaction and above all market responsiveness. Instrumental in any organization’s ability to be competitive and consistent with an overall business strategy.


Customer satisfaction is our company’s primary objective. To attain this satisfaction, the management boards as well as all employees are dedicated to follow the guidelines specified below:


  • Continuous fulfillment of customer requirement and specifications,
  • Customer oriented delivery period for all grades and with maximum quality level,
  • Employment of highly motivated, well trained and flexible staff,
  • Economical and quality ensuring cooperation with our suppliers,
  • Development of new products and continuous improvement of existing products,
  • Use of all available resources for improvement and development.
  • Adherence to ISO 9001:2000 QMS Requirements and any regulatory and or statutory requirements.
  • Bringing continual improvement in the implemented Quality Management System.


These quality guidelines are the basis for any strategic decision as well as for our employees’ everyday work. To this end, the guidelines are translated into concrete quality objectives.


In accordance with the above-mentioned principles, each employee is responsible for the quality of his work within the scope of his/her job. Supporting the necessary quality awareness is a permanent executive duty, as only motivated and well-trained employees can deliver with sense of responsibility and purpose. The management and employees of Afzal Motors is committed to practice and respect the principles of laid down quality policy.